Why we don't offer Cash on Delivery.

Hello There! 

You might be wondering, why don't we offer Cash on Delivery.. More commonly known as COD? 

Did you know that your payments made using our payment gateway is 100% secure and safe? Our integrated payment gateway partners promise 100% security of your card details, mobile wallets and net banking details. Ten on Ten does not have access to any of your payment details such as your credit/debit card numbers, CVV numbers or expiry dates. 

Now, a few basic questions before you can feel completely safe to use your debit/credit card with us.

Q: 'What if i use my debit/credit card and pay Ten on Ten and they do not deliver my product to me?'
A: Ten on Ten does not get paid for any online transaction made until the product has actually been delivered to your doorstep. Hence, there is no chance that you will not receive your product even after pre-paying for it.

Q: 'What if i have used my debit/credit card/net banking as a way of payment but now i need to return the product. Will Ten on Ten refund me?'
A: Absolutely. Once we receive your return and we have verified the product, your refund is initiated immediately from our end (We send you an email) and you can expect your refund to reach your original mode of payment within 7 working days (Clearance time depends on how fast your bank clears the payment). 

Q: 'What is the benefit of pre-paying for my order rather than using cash-on-delivery?' 
A: Have you ever been in a situation where the carrier has arrived at your doorstep with an odd collectible figure such as Rs. 1847? Giving the exact amount can be difficult, collecting change for a Rs. 2000 note issued can be another nightmare, imagine the carrier saying that they don't have change and usually walk away with a little extra change in their pocket? Why go through the hassle when you can securely pay the right and exact amount without having to ever wonder about change or managing those coins.

Q: 'What if i have pre-paid my order and the logistics partner has returned my parcel to Ten on Ten?'
A: Ten on Ten takes full responsibility for the logistics of your order. Usually, in such a scenario, the logistic partners send us an email and ask us if delivery should be re-attempted. We will cross check with you if you were not available for delivery at the time or if the logistic company is at fault. In case your order is returned to us, we will re-ship the parcel at no extra cost. Should you face an issue any further issues, write to us at: contact@tenontenclothing.com and we will provide you with a resolution within 6 business hours*. 


*Business Days - Monday to Saturday (10am - 6.30pm)
Festivals and national holidays are not counted as Business Days.