Then there was no looking back! - Chapter 2 – Ten on Ten
Then there was no looking back! - Chapter 2

Then there was no looking back! - Chapter 2

Hey There, 

I'm so glad you're back and reading the second chapter of our blog. I hope you have read the first chapter, if not, read it before you read this.

So as discussed previously, we started out from our garage and were slowly making progress with the garments we sold to our friends and family. Things looked good for us at the time and slowly we began to venture out from the friends & family group. We started taking part in exhibitions, events & began supplying a few pieces in small boutique stores around Mumbai. Soon, within a short period of time, our goods began to see themselves in shelves of boutique stores in cities like Pune, Delhi & Bangalore. 
We were completely bootstrapped and did not seek any kind of investment (Forget investment, we did not even know how did venture capital works or who venture capitalists were). 

Our office at the time, our spare parking space, did not get any bigger, but the products and their quantities did. We soon found ourselves rolling all over boxes full of clothes. Our once upon a time, 20 pieces, soon became 1000! Of course, this did not happen overnight. The company that was first started to pass time and enjoy retailing amazing clothes soon found itself voyaging towards something much much bigger. 


"Everything happens by chance, it never goes as how you'd plan life

Moving on from 2009 when we first started, the year is now 2011. 
E-Commerce in India was a rocket waiting to blast off! Having being successful with exhibitions and sales at events, we got to know about online shopping and how there were so many other portals other than the existing, at the time, Ebay and a few others. 
Making our first purchase online was not on Ebay, but on a site called Fashion&You. Thrilled by the idea of a new concept of shopping and the then, not so famous, Cash on Delivery, we too wanted to sell online! 

After weeks, maybe a few months of making phone calls and writing numerous emails, we were finally taken onboard Fashion&You

This move, at the time, would go on to completely change the way we saw things at Ten on Ten, a stepping stone towards something much bigger. 
[To be continued...]


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