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What is Ten on Ten - Chapter 1.

Dhruv Gupta

Who are we?

Hey there. I'm Dhruv, Chief of Business Development and some other not so fun stuff here at Ten on Ten. First off, I'd like to thank you for taking some of your time to read our very first blog post. 
Now, you're probably wondering and thinking, "What is Ten on Ten? Who are these guys & what do they do & why am I even reading their blog?"

Well, We've been in the fashion business since 2009, starting out with only a handful of dresses, 20 if i'm not wrong. 
Now, I did NOT start this company. I had just gotten out of high school back then. This company was started by my mother (Mrs. Ritu Gupta) & my sister (Ms. Saumya Gupta), in our little unused car parking space. It did not make up for what you'd usually call a swanky office with fancy furniture or 20 people with awesome macbooks, but it somehow did the job. 
Forget a macbook, we didn't even have a basic laptop to work with. 
This often brings back nostalgic memories, much more to my mother & sister.. I hope it makes something move down your spine as well. This is a picture of what the Ten on Ten(Not even a registered company in 2009) looked like back in its early days. 


We had an extra parking space without an extra car, so it made sense to convert it to an office. Why let go of such a precious resource, space?

What happened next?

20 garments were then sold amongst friends & family, they all loved it. Soon, 20 garments became 50, 50 became 150 & 150 became 300. 

'You can never anticipate a sudden surge in demand in your tiny little startup business. Your mind ceases to think, your heart fails to feel & your body forgets to move. What do you do then?'

Ten on Ten began to retail clothes at high fashion events & exhibitions. The demand was huge, but with less supply. Now, by demand, I mean that there was a massive demand for high fashion products at an extremely pocket friendly rate. We filled that vacuum up pretty quick and built a good name for ourselves out there. The goal had been set from there, 'Fashion for All'.
[To be continued...]




We would like to keep our blog posts short & sweet. Trust me, this is better than an inspiring movie or some quote you might read on Facebook. 

We will post a new chapter every 3 days. Let us know in the comments section how you feel about our blog.


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  • Ashish Chakraborty on

    Your success story is awe inspiring. The credit goes to hardwork and perseverance and setting a definite goal.

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