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Gogo & Laila

Gogo & Laila

Your credit/debit card payments are 100% SAFE!  

This is Gogo.


This is Tom.


Gogo likes to steal things and he is quite good at it. 
He is an expert at stealing wallets and petty little things from people. 

One fine day, Gogo discovers online shopping. He gets to know that people enter their debit/credit card details on the payment gateway page. 

Gogo said to himself, "Why go out in the sun everyday and struggle to steal little wallets when I can steal debit/credit card numbers and become RICH? 

 This is Laila. 

Laila loves shopping online and is a regular customer at Ten on Ten

Laila has found the product of her choice and is now moving to the payment option.

Without any fear, Laila enters her debit card details on the payment gateway page and within a few seconds, her order has been confirmed and will be shipped out the same day. 

While all of this was happening, Gogo wanted to steal Laila's debit card details and run away with all of her money. 

After an evil laugh, Gogo started to hack the payment gateway. In his mind he could already imagine himself a millionaire and driving a sports car and owning a big house. 
Let's just leave that thought to always remain a thought. 

What Gogo did not realise is that the payment gateway is protected with 256 bit encryption and it would take a human lakhs of years to break into the gateway. Forget human, even a super computer will take thousands of years to hack the system. If Gogo would want to hack the gateway, he will look something like...

Or if Gogo were to be successful in hacking the payment gateway, he would probably be as old as our primitive Dinosaurs..

Gogo eventually failed to hack the payment gateway and the police found him. Not only did he lose his prestige as a renowned thief, he also found a new home, Prison. 

This is where Gogo now lives with the rest of his friends. We're sure he is loving it. 

By the time Gogo gave up trying to hack the payment gateway, Ten on Ten had already shipped the package and it reached Laila the very next day.

Laila Khush, Ten on Ten Khush!

Moral of the story : Don't be Gogo. 
Be Laila. Be Smart.

Did we mention that your prepaid order reaches you 50% faster than a COD order?